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Kelly Marette
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Math Specialist Divorced 3
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Laurie Martin (Lanstein)
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CEO Married
Huge thanks to Christine, Tom and team for taking on what looks to be a full-time job this coming year!  I really appreciate all that you're doing and can't wait to see everyone after so much time!

I moved from NYC to San Francisco in 2004 and now live with my husband Dave in Sausalito (where we still get to see both Tom Johnson and Amy Willis on a frequent basis).  

I'm really looking forward to hearing what the rest of 89 is up to and hope that most of us can make it back for our reunion!

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April Martinson (Rudek)
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Married 2

WOW, I can handle going back a couple years, but 20? I had dropped out just before graduation, parents divorced. I moved out lived with a quadropaligic and lived/worked for her for 1 year. dated a guy for 7, dumped him moved to uptown mpls met my now husband, married 1996, had two awesome boys Zac 8 Austin 6. did the education thing did the stuffy job in accounting for many years, im now at home with my kids in Otsego Mn, dog grooming and love it.  It sucks to have lost touch with so many it sounds as though most are in the same boat. im looking forward to meeting everyone soon, take care April

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Kathi Matthees (Koester)
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Teaching & raising our 2 children Married 2
I have thought about many people over the years, and hoped that all would have had a good life. 
My wonderful husband, Dave, is a Mechanical Engineer/Mgmt for Seagate Technology 22 years,  He is kind, loyal, fun and hard-working.  We belong to Evergreen Community Church and have two beautiful children: Daniel, 10 and Sara, 7 months :) 
In highschool, my biggest dreams were horseback riding on the ocean, and advertising.  After college I abandon my dream job in corporate advertising to make art and pottery.  I lived in Florida, Ohio and Wisconsin, and finally back in Minnesota.  I also helped raise a pack of Timber Wolves; they're incredibly smart, and very loving.  When I look back on my plans mentioned, I am very grateful that God had a better plan!  I love being married, homeschool teaching, family and community; I have lived much more fully than my little mind had imagined I could!  I still make time to be creative in many ways.
Kindest Regards,
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steve mcClellan
Technology Education Teacher Married 1

Hmm.  20 years.  It took some time, but I finally figured it alll out when I met up with my wife, Lanae, four years ago.  We live in Jordan with our little lady of 21 months, Molly.  I've been teaching for 13 years - the last three in New Prague.  I found my way out of the RHS shop-wing only to find myself teaching much of the same to seventh graders.  Do you still have your seventh grade wood projects?


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Mike McCollow
construction Single

Looking forward to seeing everybody this summer.

Talk to you soon 


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Barb Menning (Panvica)
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Stay at Home Mom Married 3

As you can tell from the name change, I married Terry Panvica in 1996.  We have three kids - Lukas (9), Tommy (7), and Valerie (3).  

We've been in our house in Bloomington for about 10 years and are raising little Jaguars!  We see many classmates around town.  There are several with kids at our elementary school (Sandy Goebel, Jon Perrault, and Becky Forsberg).  

As you would also guess, we've got 3 hockey players.  So, we spend most of the winter at the rink.

Hope all is well with everyone - see you in August!!!!

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Matt Meyer
Sales Manger Married 3
After high school I went to the University of St. Thomas in far away St. Paul.  Since then I have lived in North Carolina, Michigan, and finally Nevada, as of 6 years ago.  I work at my wife's family's business selling BMWs, Volvos, Porsches, and Hondas.

We have twin 3 1/2 year old boys and the happiest little 5 month old girl I have ever seen.
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Jennifer Mickelburg (Loewenthal)
Behavioral Healthcare Specialist Divorced

Life is good in Seattle.

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Maria MIller (Kimmes)
Teacher Married 1
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