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Elissa Holm (Sirevag)
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I've managed to stay quite busy in the last 20 years: university in the US and UK, then working in London after that. I've been a florist, church secretary, journalist, TEFL teacher in Slovakia, humanitarian worker in rural Mexico and travelled to 17 countries. I've been living in Europe for 6 years now and met a wonderfully sweet, intelligent and silly Norwegian man while working in England as an ethnological research writer. We married and moved to Bergen, Norway three years ago. I'm currently perfecting my Norwegian, volunteering with refugee concerns and charming our elderly neighbours by single-handedly caring for our condo's garden. Send Elissa a MessageSend Elissa a Message
Edward Hoyer
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Missi Hughes (Carlson)
Banking (snore!) Married 2

Hey everyone!!  It is so great to see some of these names pop up again!! Geez, the memories (what I have left of them) just keep coming back.  Can't wait 'til the reunion to see everyone again, thanks Committee for organizing everything.  Well here goes the story then.....I live in Waconia, MN with my husband Chad of 14 years (amazing if you ask me) and we have two great boys, Nick (8) and Zach (6)-they crack me up daily!!  I've been in banking for the last 17 years, and just recently switched to a job closer to home (Chaska).   That's the teaser folks, exciting I know!!  Can't wait to see you all this summer! 

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Kristin Huntington
CEO/President Single
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Brent Jensen
Driver Married 1
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Kim Johnson (Engelhart)
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Human Resources Married

Looking forward to a fun reunion!  I can't wait to see Amy Herling -- it's been ages!!

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Sara Johnson (Kelley)
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CPA Married 2
Highlights of the last 20 years: went to college at St. Cloud a job working for the State of MN...bought a house in Richfield...married my husband (Brian, 1988 RHS grad) 10 years ago...sold Richfield house and built a new one in Lakeville...had a daughter (Caroline, almost 7)...had a son (Jack, almost 6).  

See you next summer!
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Wendy Joyner
Flight Attendant - Spanish Interpreter Married 1
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Bob Kambeitz
Community Organizer Single
Hey, thanks for putting this together! I live in south Mpls now, and work for a neighborhood association with volunteers. Hope you're all doing well!
julia kelly (perrier)
visual trend stylist for macys Married 2
I couln't be more excited to hear that we are having a reunion this year.   I'am very fortunate to still see a handful of our gratuates, but very anxious to see other familiar faces as well.  See you then. -julia Send julia a MessageSend julia a Message
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