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Jeff Hanson
Golf Course Superintendent Married 2
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Kevin Hanson
Profile picture
Profile picture
Married 2
Living in Bloomington with my wife of 14+ years and two sons (10 & 12).  Keeping busy with work, sports, and Boy Scouts.  See ya'll this summer!
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Christine Hendrickson (Krsnik)
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Account Executive, Microsoft Married 2
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Amy Herling (Biermaier)
Restaurant Manager Married 5
Hello Everyone:) what fun it's been reading about some of you. It's hard to believe 20 years have gone by, almost.. It will be a blast catching up with all of you next summer. I've been a bit busy since 1992. I met and married some guy and had 3 wonderful boys. We were divorced in 2003 but not to long after moving back to Richfield I met a very handsome younger man, his name is Matt. Anyway, we were married in 2007 the right way, in Las Vegas!!!! He and I also have a wonderful little boy along with my step-daughter. The kids are  16, 14, 11, 8 and 2...WOW...If anyone can beat  this I will bring you a bottle of wine next summer!!!  So anyway, keep in touch and I'll see you soon...Planning crew, see you on the 15th. Send Amy a MessageSend Amy a Message
Tina Herschbach (Hayes)
Stay at Home Mom Married 4
Wow!  20 years.  We have all been quite busy.  I have been married to Jeff for nearly 10 years and we have 4 wonderful boys.  Apparently the payback for being a boy chaser is that when you are old and tired... they chase you.  Nolan is 7 and Nick, Ben and Jake are 4 1/2.  We have been in Waconia for nearly 8 years and it is safe to say, we have dropped anchor.  
Hope to make the reunion.  Thanks for all the prep work!
Julie Hinz (Anderson)
Home Loan Closer Committed Relationship 1
25 years - Holy Cow!  What has changed with me since we last spoke....My daughter graduated HS, made me a grandmother to Aiden and is now going to St Cloud State University.  I am an empty nester at 43!  Steve & I are 10 years strong and still enjoy our cabin and the Harleys.  Cant wait to catch up more & see you all in August 2014! Send Julie a MessageSend Julie a Message
Matthew Hoban
IT Director Married 4
HOLEEE $$%*&!!!!  WOW!  Cool website, thanks to all for their contributions to it and all of the time and efforts to put this all together. . . .
Been a busy long 20, I will tell you that - troubled in high school, made my way running kitches, ended up working for Champps Corporate, (Yes, that Champps!), hurt my back, had a car accident, fused my spine, lost a kidney(no - not due to drinking!!!)  met a great woman, changed careers to technology, ran a brokerage firm, had 3 kids . . . . and life just keeps zooming. . . just wish it would slow down a bit so that I can enjoy it more. . . .moved in to the ol' Johnson homestead in Richfield, been here something like 7 years now, now I work, and spend my time with the new set of boys - Mike, 6, Chrisopher, 4, and Sean, 7 mos.  Still keep in touch with the old set of boys - TJ, Hof and Bugsy, and still missing Ger, after having lost him a number of years ago. . . . really looking forward to seeing everyone, it is so wonderful to see how well everyone is doing, and will be awesome to see you all . . . and my, what a long strange trip it has been. . . . Best to all of you and your families. . . . with warm regards, Matthew "Hobie" Hoban
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shawn hoecherl (day)
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medical assistant/office manager Widowed 1
Wow 20 years...well I am living in lakeville with my son Jordan, who is a sophmore at lakeville north. I married my high school sweetheart, Sean Day(class of 88). He was a great guy!!!He was diagnosed in 2005 with leukemia and passed in 2006. We miss him very much! So as you can imagine, we're just trying to get our life back together and doing ok. We'll see ya in July... Send shawn a MessageSend shawn a Message
scott hoemke
Financial Worker Married 3
Nice job on the website! Still living in Mn! I guess I am into torture:) I am married and have 3 children. 1 of my own and 2 step children. I work for Ramsey county Human Services. I look forward to seeing everyone at the reunion. Send scott a MessageSend scott a Message
Kristin Hokenson (Guerrette)
Profile picture
"Politician" Married 4
What a great website. Thanks to everyone for their hard work and I am looking forward to the 20 year reunion. 

As for the last 20, I have been from the East to the West and back in MN since 1995. I met my husband, Curt in Maine, we have been married for 13 years, have 4 children ages 12,10,8, and 5. For the most part I have been a stay at home mom, while serving on various boards and committees and even owned my own catering and event planning business. This year I decided to run for City Council of New Prague, and WON! I will be sworn in on January 6th 2009. MMM, next is Mayor, then Governor, then President! HA HA

See you in July! Thanks Everyone.

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