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Joanne Smith (Barry)
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Stay at Home Mom Married 2
Five years went by fast.  Looking forward to seeing everyone again! Send Joanne a MessageSend Joanne a Message
Chris Steensland
Financial Analyst Married 2
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Mike Steenson
Structural Engineer Married 2
It was great to see a few of our classmates the other night at the planning meeting.  I am looking forward to more meetings to get our 20th planned.

Hope all can make it back!
Sandra Steinert
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Graphic Designer Committed Relationship
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Amy Stordahl (Scherbing)
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Home Executive Married 4
Thank you Tom and Kristine for all of your work!  I do appreciate it.  
Keith and I have been married for 12 years and have Karli 11, Tyler 9, Ryan 5 & Bryn 4.  I have been a "stay at home mom" since Karli was born and I  have been homeschooling for the last 4 years.  I also have a small Day Care business in our home.  It's a great fit for us!  
It's alot of fun to see what everyone's up to.  I look forward to seeing you next year.
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Amy Strong
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Artist, Writer, Photographer Divorced
Wow, 20 years already!  It's great to see what everyone has been up to and thanks to all of you who are helping put this together!

I have been traveling and working all over the U.S.A for the last 14 years (Lake Tahoe, Philidelphia, Los Angeles, Chicago..) and I have finally settled myself in San Diego, CA.  I am working on my photography, writing and I'm even using my design background to help people design their websites. 

Life is good!  Can't wait to see everyone next year!
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Colin Sullivan
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Physician Assistant Married 1

Its great to look through the website and see what my classmates have been doing all these years.  I am looking forward to seeing many of you at the reunion.  I moved to Rochester about 10 years ago and got married and now we have a 18 month old boy.  I work in an emergency room and my wife works as a security officer.   

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Becky Suter (Dettman)
Accounting Married 2

Hey all Can't believe 20 years have come and gone.  I have been happily married to Dennis for 11 1/2 years and Have Jake (10) and Corrina (9).  We lived In Mpls for 10 years and we moved into Richfield in 2008.  Can't wait to see you all at the reunion!

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Brian Swanson
Glass Installer/Fire Fighter Married 3
Shanon Taylor
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Changing Divorced
Well how the years have passed. I keep missing the reunions. 5year-moving to Inver Grove, 10year-didn't know about and going through seperation, 15yr wasn't one but we had a mini one with John Bryce, Georgia and can't remember on the West bank. 20year found out late and was right after I left my job as a Raptor Technician.(if you saw the bird of prey at the DNR during the state fair (not the raptor center), that is who I worked for though never made it up for the state fair keeping things going back here in Texas.

Years have been interesting. Spent 2 years at the U of MN, got free Small business management classes through work, returned to school in 2004 and got my Associates of Art. Moved to California to try to get into Exotic Animal Training and management Program. Spent a year there getting some classes done, didn't make the draw in 2006 so packed up and moved to Texas to do bird of prey rehabilitation.

Married many years ago at Ft Snelling chapel and yes had my reception where the reunion ended up. The didn't last so now I am finding myself yet again or returning to myself.

I hope nothing happens for the 25th reunion and should be in better contact now since on Facebook. I hope to see everyone someday.

I have been exploring watercolor and acrylic painting once again and am an avid volleyball  player when I can here.
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